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Our History – Our Story – Our Gift – Our Claim To Fame

We built our first entertainment website – SaratogaSuckers.com – in 2004. Fairly crude by today’s standards, but it did the job at the time. We even had our very own Saratoga Racetrack handicapper one summer. Extreme perseverance managed to get us a press pass to one day at the track. What a blast that was. Taking photos in the Winners Circle with the big dogs. But, I digress.

The Light Bulb Goes Off

A trip to Buffalo and searching for a bar led us to a most awesome bar site. That was when it clicked. Saratoga Springs and the surrounding areas were sorely under represented in the bar and band scene. The information was scattered all over the place on multiple websites ( it still is ) that had no focus on the rich nightlife of Saratoga after dark. It was a time consuming affair online to find a bar and what band was playing where. We started small in Glens Falls and after a few down-town Toga photo shoots we kicked off SaratogaBars.com in the Spring of 2008 – Our Motto: All the Saratoga Bars and Bands, All the Time. All in One Place.

Winging It

We needed to document what was going on after dark in Toga Town, so we set off with our cameras and video equipment. Mind you, 2008 isn’t all that long ago but, hardly anyone had a cell phone with a camera. So, for a while, we kind of owned the pics and videos coming out of Caroline Street and beyond. Get home at 2 to 4am, upload photos to the website. Then edit the band videos and get those posted too. It was sometimes mid-morning before the head hit the pillow.

In The Zone

We expanded to Lake George, then eventually to Metroland and the Adirondacks. Before long everyone was out taking their own pictures ( I don’t think the selfie had really taken off yet ) with their cell phones and posting them on MySpace ( yeah, first it was MySpace – all the bands were on it ) and the rest is, as they say, history. Google it.

Hocus Focus

So, we have our niche. And locally, to this day, no one has really replaced it – at least not in its purest form. And by that I mean, concentrating on the bar and band scene without watering it down with ancillary information. That’s why we are still the best place for a bar or band to advertise. Just for fun, we invite you to share your photos with us for the good of the many. That’s the short story. Over and out.

And speaking of history.

Here’s a Post Star article from 2005 concerning the 2003 Clean Indoor Air Act and how it initially affected bar owners. Hard to believe its been over 12 years since New York State banned smoking indoors.

And here’s a piece from 107.7 GNA about the legacy of Sam Holland and his famous Honky Tonk known as the Glad Rag Saloon in Porter Corner, New York.


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