Maestros At The Rip Van Dam on Broadway

Another great Saratoga bar and restaurant says goodbye.

Sold in November 2015.

Renovations are underway and a new Steakhouse known as the Salt and Char will re-open sometime in early 2016

According to Greg Morabito of

“It’s a return, of sorts, for one of the biggest NYC chefs of the 90s.

Gray Kunz earned four stars from the Times at Lespinasse in the 90s.  Over the years, chefs like Andrew Carmellini, Floyd Cardoz, Shane McBride, and Corey Lee worked in his brigade at that restaurant. And Kunz famously invented a spoon that became one of the most popular tools in professional kitchens. The chef left New York about seven years ago to open some restaurants in Hong Kong. And now he’s planning to open his first American restaurant in nine years in Saratoga Springs, NY. It’s a steakhouse called Salt & Char.

Kunz partnered with the people who are renovating the Adelphi Hotel to form a new company called The Adelphi Hospitality Group. The team is turning an old restaurant space next to the hotel into the future home of Salt & Char. The menu will include cuts of locally-raised meat, along with dry-aged and wagyu beef, plus sustainably sourced seafood. For side dishes, Salt & Char will serve things like grilled cactus pads, crispy polenta fries, and creamed spinach with chicharrones.  In an announcement about the opening, Kunz notes: “Our goal is to celebrate the best of Hudson Valley by featuring the talented local producers, farmers and artisans.” Salt & Char is slated to open early next year at 353 Broadway in Saratoga Springs.”

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