Gigs Week of August 14th 2008

Saratoga Bars and Bands

Saratoga Bars Neon Logo

Saratoga Bars Neon Logo

SPAC – (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) – Philadelphia Orchestra – 8pm – Wednesday (Opening Night)
thru Saturday Aug. 9th – Chamber Music Festival Sunday Aug. 10th – 2:15 pm

Upcoming Events This Week In Saratoga – Thursday Aug 14th thru Wed Aug 20th, 2008

 Travers Festival Ends Sunday Aug 24th

The Travers Stakes is Saturday
August 23rd !

Journey, Heart and Cheap
Trick at
SPAC (Saratoga Performing
Arts Center) Sunday August 24th – John Mayer and One Republic Monday August 25th – More Info:  SPAC

NO COVER CHARGE Unless Otherwise Indicated

Here are some Highlights:


9 Maple Avenue Jazz Club

Triple Play, 9 p.m. Fri Aug 22nd

Jazz Factor, 9 p.m. Sat Aug 16th

The Bullpen
Rich Ortiz, 10 p.m. Tues 

Chez Pierre Restaurant

Carol Bromley, 5pm, Sat.

Doc’s Steakhouse

Tequila Mockingbirds, 8 p.m. Mon Aug 25th,

Blue Monday, Acoustic Blues, Jazz and more


Open Mic, Peter Pashoukos, 8pm, Tues.

It’s Confidential,

38 Caroline St, 518-584-0130

Sonny and Perley, 5:30pm, Sat.

Mare Ristorante and Otto Lounge

Open Mic with Jewels and The Metro Station
Band, 8 p.m. Wed

The Mouzon House

Craig Thayler Quartet, 8pm Fryday

Sarah Pedinotti Band, 8pm, Sat.
Masters of Nostalgia, 8pm, Tues

Eric Walentowicz
Trio, 8pm Wed.

One Caroline Street 

Sarah Pedinotti Band, 8pm, Fryday

Joe Finn Trio, 8pm, Sat.

Nat Phipps, 8pm Sun.

Mark Parker Duo, 8pm, Tues.

Masters of Nostalgia, 8pm, Wed.


Peter Van Keuren, 6:30 p.m. Fri

Nate Buccieri, 7:30pm Sat.

The Saratoga City Tavern

Flavor, 8pm Fryday

DJ Dingz, 10pm, Fryday

Skippy and the Pistons, 9pm, Sat.

Soul Session, 8pm, Mon.

Latin Night with DJ Dingz 10 p.m. Mon

Bourbon Renewal, 8 pm, Tues

Jeff Halstead, 8pm, Wed.


New York Players, 5:30pm, Fryday.

Refrigerators, 5:30pm, Sat.

Spare Parts, 5:30pm Sun.

The Heaters, 5:30pm, Mon.

Vehicle, 5:30pm, Wed.


Vapor Night Club

Refrigerators, 9pm, Fryday

Wheat Fields

Tequila Mockingbirds, 8pm, Wed

You can be sure there is PLENTY more going on.

Did we miss something ? Comments, gripes, suggestions ?

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Skippy and the Pistons
Skippy and the Pistons






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