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Pan Celtic Players

Pandha Piranha

Pariah NY

Parrot Beach


Party of Three

Party of Three
Party of Three








Password Protected

Brian Patenode

Paul Borello

Dave Payette

Peaceful Country Band

Peg Delaney

Peg Delaney
Peg Delaney











Penny Lane Beatles Tribute Band

Penny Lane Tribute Band
Penny Lane Tribute Band



Perpetual Emotion

Pete Pashoukos

Pete Pluto

Pete Sweeney

Phazed and Confused Trivia

Phil Drum

Phillips Head

Pillow Head





Play Doughs

Pop Clique

Pop Clique
Pop Clique

Pop-Clique is a new approach to pop: acoustic, yet with a rock sensibility; melodic, but not trite.  Harmony laden, and full of fun.  Their on-stage rapport and spirit is contagious. Sandy’s recordings are often heard on radio, TV and in movies, and his style is often compared to Elvis Costello and Randy Newman.  Pop-Clique reminds audiences of melodic popsters like The Mamas and The Papas, and of course The Beatles, and they’ve performed successful shows at venues such as The Egg in Albany, Club Helsinki in Hudson, The Falcon and The Middle East in Cambridge.


Pop Rock Circus


Positive Mental Trip


The Pretty Reckless




Probing Digit

Prolonged Exposure

Pulse of Boston

Rachael Van Slyke

Racing City Ghosts

Rakish Paddy



Randy Houser


Rattail Jimmy


Raymond Pashoukos

Red Hot Feet Warmers




Rena Graf



Restless Widow

Restless Window
Restless Widow






Restless Widow is a unique, Saratoga Springs, NY band that covers a contemporary mix of popular, high-energy rock and modern alternative tunes— with a few twists in the list.



The Return


Rich Ortiz


Rick Bolton


Rick Nelson


Rick Rourke


Road to Galway


Robanic Raggae Band


Robert Lindquist


Rodeo Barons


Rogue Scholars


Root of Creation



Roxy and The Road King

Roxy and The Road King
Roxy and The Road King


The Road Kings have evolved into a premier Acoustic Duo – Roxy and The Road King. We hope that you continue to follow us and enjoy our music!






Rubble Bucket



Rush Hour
Classic/Modern Rock Covers

Rush Hour
Rush Hour









Russ Kennedy

Russ Kennedy Music
Russ Kennedy Music












Ryan Jenson

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