New Shoes Band

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Marcus Benoit

Marcus Ruggiero

Margot Malia

Margo Valiente

Mark Capon

Mark Emanation

Mark the Shark Karaoke

Mark Tolstrup

Marina’s Ghost

The Marking Time Duo

Rockabilly, Western Swing

Master Cylinders


Matthew Carefully

Matt Nakoa

Maureen Mullaney


Megan and the Brats


Melvin Seals

Michael Benedict

Michael Jerling

Michael Jerling
Michael Jerling





Michael Louis Smith

Michael Panza

Michael Steiner

Mike and the Monsters

Mike Campese

Mike Dread

Mike La Point

 Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence

Mikki Bakken


Mingo Fishtrap

Mirk and the New Familiars


Mister Meanor

Mitch Frasier

Mocking Justice

Mojo Filters

Molly Durnin

Moving Mountains



Milayne Jackson Trio

Milayne Jackson Trio
Milayne Jackson Trio



Nate Solomon

Nate Wilson

The Nellies

Nervous Virgins

Never in Vegas

New Shoes

New York Players


Nite Train

Nite Train
Nite Train

2018. Celebrating 15 Years of ROLLIN’ in Capital-Land with ROCKIN’ BLUES!!!


“Nite Train has been cranking out hot blues sounds since 2003, but they took it to a new level last year…The proof is on the rip-snorting disc. “ – Albany Times Union



Nitro Jive Band

Music Genres: Jump, Swing Jazz

Nitro Jive Logo
Nitro Jive Logo

Nitro Jive
Nitro Jive

Now Playing

October Circle

Odus Bud

From Phish to Iron Maiden

Of Gods and Destroyers

Off The Hook

Open Bar Band

Oran Mor Pipeband

Orion Kribbs

Otto’s Jacket

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Saratoga Bars Neon Logo
Saratoga Bars Neon Logo

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