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Entertainers, Musicians, DJ’s, Comedians and Karaoke Hosts.


Ill Funk Ensemble








JT Maple




James Looby


James Hood


Janine Marie


Jason Spero


Jay White


Jed Marnum


Jeff Bujak


Jeff Brisbin


Jeff Strange


Jeff Walton


Jericho Joe


Jezzie Tree


Jill Hughes



Jill Hughes & The High Rollers

Jill Hughes
Jill Hughes









Junk Rocket


Junk Rocket
Junk Rocket


Junk Rocket, an acoustic trio that defies rational description,

was launched in March 2015 and is hurtling through space and time as we speak.

Rock, blues, soul; covers and originals






Matt Mirable
Matt Mirable









Jim Gaudette




Jim Liccardo




Joe Gitto Duo


Joe Mamma Band


Joe Roy Jackson




Joey Blue Reed
Joey Blue Reed













Joey Thomas Big Band



John Bagnoli

John Bagnoli on Broadway
John Bagnoli on Broadway


John Kribs


John Daloia


John Devries


John Eisenhart


John Morse Band


John Savage


John Schrader


Johnny Americana


Johnny and the Triumphs


Jonathan Lorentz


Jonathan Newell Band


Josh Cramoy Band


JT Maple


Karmas Army


Kat Spina


Keith Pray



Keller and Cannon

Keller and Cannon
Keller and Cannon









Kenya Sing Karaoke



Kevin and Kenya Acoustic
Kevin and Kenya Acoustic
Pop, Rock, Country






Kevin McKrell


Kevin Shea




King’s English


Kings of Stupid Mountain – aka Stupid Mountaain


Kitchen Party

Last Ride – Classic Rock and Modern Rock

Hometown: Saratoga Springs NY -518-812-3063

Le Rubb


Lee Russo


Lee Shaw




Rob Lindquist


Live Without Annette


Loose Cannon


Los Blancos

Lost Wages


Low N Lonesome


Lyl Harper


T Lucan




Jonathan Lorentz


Lucky Ticket

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Saratoga Bars Neon Logo

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