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Capital Zen


Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Monsters

Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Band
Captain Squeeze and the Zydeco Band


Cardiac Noose


Carey Ahner


Carry The Tradition


Cassandra Bacon


Chain Lightning


Charlie Morris


Cherry Suede



Chicken Herders

Chicken Herders
Chicken Herders


The Chicken Herders is a kick-ass southern/classic rock band. High energy music for your private party, wedding or club.






Children at Play


Chip Vayenas


Chris Carey


Chris Dollard


Chris Cernak


Chrissy Budzinski



Christine Spero

Christine Spero
Christine Spero

Music Genre: Jazz, Latin, Brazilian, Pop, covers






Chuck Kelsey




Clancy and Vannier

Clancy and Vannier
Clancy and Vannier










Cleen Street


Cliff Street


Cold Water Drive


Colleen Pratt


Colin Smith


Commander Cody

Commander Cody Crowd
Commander Cody Crowd


Local Legend Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen were equally adept at stripped-down basic rock & roll, R&B, and gritty country-rock. Of the many storied highlights of his career is his rendition of the song Hot Rod Lincoln.










Consider the Source


Concrete Groove


Courtney Biondo



Craic Agus Ceol

Craic Agus Ceol
Craic Agus Ceol

“Craic Agus Ceol” is Gaelic for “fun and music”, and that’s exactly what the band Craic Agus Ceol brings to the stage with their blend of traditional, contemporary, and original Irish, Celtic, and American folk songs.




Crime Scene





Crow Ridge Band

Crow Ridge Band
Crow Ridge Band










Cryin’ Out Loud


Damn Strait


Dan Wilson – Comedian


Danny Garcia


Dan Wos Project


Day In The Life


Denise Culhane


Diamond Rio


DJ TruMastr


DJ Mentally Ill


Dirt Cheap


Dirty Little Boogie Band


Disposable Culture


Doc Orloff


Doc Scanlon


Donny Elvis




Downtown Fever


Dreaded Wheat


Dream Team Nation




Dr. Jah


Dr. Swing


Dutchess and the Afro Rebels


John Eisenhart


Electric City Horns


Elliot Sphinx


Empire State Troopers


Envelope the Light


Erin Harkes


Ernie Williams

( R.I.P – 1920 – 2012 )


Even The Odd


Etown Express

E Town Express
E Town Express









Even the Odd

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