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Buy This Space

Looking for a great advertising “niche’ market for your bar or band ?

Our bar sites are just what you are looking for.

You can reach out to the folks who already follow your band or visit your establishment on Social Media.

But Facebook, Twitter and Instagram cannot provide you with fresh traffic like a website tailored directly to your needs.

Saratoga Springs is a popular destination

For people from the Adirondacks, Capital District and tourists from around the world.

Many of these fresh faces are looking for some live entertainment or a place to relax and enjoy a cocktail.

They don’t know your pub or band even exists.

They are going to grab their laptop, netbook, iPad or mobile device. They are going to search for the phrase that makes the most sense for what they desire.

They are going to Google “Saratoga Bars” – it’s just common sense.

And when they Google or Bing “Saratoga Bars” our website is going to come up on the first page of their search results. And they are going to find YOUR bar or YOUR band.

If you have an advertisement and / or a direct link to your website, they are very likely to visit YIUR establishment or  come and listen to YOUR music.

Again. It is just common sense.

Email us at and find out what kind of  ad you can afford.

Do it now, before the best spots are sold out. You betcha.

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